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We’ve Moved


So $pif and I have to decided to move to a new blog. We felt this move was necessary. We have moved to so check us out on there from here on out. We will eventually get the domain (Hopefully) moved to that one instead of this.

AFFILIATES – We need you to REDIRECT your links to

DOMAIN DONATERMint45, We need you to contact us IMMEDIATELY, so we can get you to REDIRECT our domain and actually give us the domain you “gave” to us. It is a HASSLE for us to contact you every time whenever we manage our site. Please contact us ASAP.

FANS OF – Please support us at our new sites. We have been frozen for the last 3 days because of wordpress being OVERLY stubborn about our blog. Check up on our new site where we will continue to be the most up to date hip hop blog out there.

Our new home ——> We’ve Moved – Hit SwaggedUp here now!



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President-Elect Barack Obama Speech

For those of you who missed this historic event, here is the speech given by Obama after being projected and clarified as the next President of the United States. Gonna be honest, if u weren’t moved by this or McCain’s closing speech, you gotta fix whateva junks in ya head – it was pretty inspirational.

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Change, Here We Come



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Update..! Do WORK!

Damn i haven’t been updating the blog that much due to being out nd about gettin smashed nd such, but shit, Qualitate has been doin work and postin a great deal of nice content. I jus wanna point out that our blog is getting more and more hits every day and now is the time to become affiliates with us. I’ve already seen multiple comments and messages to us asking if we wanna link up, but if i didnt get back to ya already, hit us up again and again and ull get put up there eventually. We need affiliates just as bad as you! Affiliates give both of our sites more hits. So look at the contact us section on the right side of the site

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Mos Def – If I Were President… Video

Haha, funny guy, Mos Def is. I’m likin his policy of makin all those whiny athletes pay extra money..*cough* A-Rod *cough*.

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Scarface – Emeritus Album Snippets

So Scarface’s last album, Emeritus, is droppin on December 2nd. Go support him. He’s been great to the rap game. Give the snippets a listen.

Scarface – Emeritus Snippets

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Don’t Vote 2 – The Sequel

Haha, this video got me laughing. I was like WTF? But truly, get out there and vote if you can! I will be hittin the booths November 4th. Too many damn celebrities! Shiiit.

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