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Xbox Live.. Wanna play?


Not a whole lot of new music droppin right now. So I thought I’d hit yall up to see if ne of ya play some xbox 360 on live. If so, comment and hook us up wit ur gamertag and theres a likely chance we may play one of the games pictured above wit u.



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President-Elect Barack Obama Speech

For those of you who missed this historic event, here is the speech given by Obama after being projected and clarified as the next President of the United States. Gonna be honest, if u weren’t moved by this or McCain’s closing speech, you gotta fix whateva junks in ya head – it was pretty inspirational.

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Yes We Can…

What a night. After I left the voting booth, and handed in my votes, I had a good gut feeling. I knew this would happen. So $pif and I were off watching Barack’s great speech….that was moving. We are both excited for the future of the United States and everyone else should be too. All of us will witness the United States and even the World come with a change for the best. There will be a lot of good music we will be posting soon, so keep looking back. $pif and I, Qualitate, would also like to make a shoutout to Mint45 who bought us the .com. We thought someone bought it to be stubborn, but he bought it and let us know he bought it for us. So shout out to you, Mint45. Anyways, keep checkin this place. It’s gettin better as the days go on, as will the United States.

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Jadakiss – By My Side (Feat. Ne-Yo)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dope video. This is my joint. Give it a listen.

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Change, Here We Come



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Barack Obama 30 min Infomercial

American Stories, American Solutions

I missed it sadly due to having work, but here is the youtube video of the primetime aired infomercial that ran for 30 minutes just a few hours ago. Comment your opinions. Ill be watching it as soon as im done posting it for all you guys. Obama 08!!

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Good news for Seahawks fans, I guess…

Good news for Seahawks fans, as me and $pif are big supporters. This season is kind of going down the toilet for them, but Seneca is a definite upgrade from last weeks starter, Charlie Frye, who was atrocious. All I gotta say is Sunday Night, against the Bucs, the ‘Hawks better have their gameplan ready, cuz they’re in the national spot light. You can read about it here.

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