We’ve Moved


So $pif and I have to decided to move to a new blog. We felt this move was necessary. We have moved to http://www.swaggedup.blogspot.com so check us out on there from here on out. We will eventually get the domain (Hopefully) moved to that one instead of this.

AFFILIATES – We need you to REDIRECT your links to swaggedup.blogspot.com

DOMAIN DONATERMint45, We need you to contact us IMMEDIATELY, so we can get you to REDIRECT our domain and actually give us the domain you “gave” to us. It is a HASSLE for us to contact you every time whenever we manage our site. Please contact us ASAP.

FANS OF SWAGGEDUP.com – Please support us at our new sites. We have been frozen for the last 3 days because of wordpress being OVERLY stubborn about our blog. Check up on our new site where we will continue to be the most up to date hip hop blog out there.

Our new home ——> We’ve Moved – Hit SwaggedUp here now!



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2 responses to “We’ve Moved

  1. Nice touches on your writing. Is English your primary language (if you don’t mind me asking).

  2. This seems to be a very friendly place unlike some of the other blogs I visit.

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