Welcome & Heartless


With the new release of the unmastered CDQ version of Kanye West’s Heartless, we are now officially starting our own wordpress blog: Swagged Up. This blog will be mainly focused on newly released Hip-Hop, as well as sports, movies, games, and events that we find interesting enough to write about. So from there, welcome to our site nd enjoy the just released full CDQ version of Heartless.

– Spif & Qualitate

UPDATE: Zshare is currently buggin out so I uploaded it to rapidshare. If the zshare doesn’t work for you, use the rapidshare link instead!

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Heartless (Full Unmastered) | Rapidshare



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5 responses to “Welcome & Heartless

  1. mike

    lovin this song

  2. Qualitate

    Yeah, we all do mic, kanyeezy’s comin hard!

  3. shit ya boi g was here, site lookin pretty fresh and diggin da song

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